Company Information

Advance Nursery Co. Ltd. operates on several farms totaling approximately 350 acres in Grand Forks, BC.

The nursery was started in 1980 under the vision of Garfield and Monika Marshall as a grower of commercial fruit trees for the Okanagan tree fruit industry and hardy deciduous trees for the Canadian Prairies.

In 2008, Fred and Christine Elsaesser purchased the nursery and specialize in "prairie hardy" deciduous fruit, shade and ornamental trees.

We propagate, field grow and ship our products as either bare root or in containers to other nurseries, tree farms, garden centres and municipalities throughout the colder regions of Canada and the USA.

Advance Nursery is certified as a Clean Plants Nursery under the Canadian Nursery Certification Institute (CNCI) and we are a Canadian Approved Facility under the Canadian Fruit Tree Export Program.

 We are proud to be members of the following organizations:


2020 marks 40 years of growing and sharing our love of trees with you!